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3 weeks in Japan...
la riketejo
© 2006 Éric Languillat

The plan: I go to a beautiful beach, enjoy the sunset, sleep on the sand, wake up and leave for Kyoto.

The result: I went to Shirahama, rented a bike at the train station, left my backpack there, bicycled along the shore, enjoyed the sunset and this fantastic white sand beach...

But then I thought "hey, what if it's forbidden to sleep on the beach?", so I took the bike and tried to find a more discreet spot. I found one. It was close to a gas station (open 24 hours) so absolutely perfect to get some food, drinks, etc.

Well, it was also close to a little lake with an active mosquitoe population, so I did not sleep so well and so much. Which means that after the sunset, I did not miss the sunrise either since I was already back to the beach at 5:00.

I left it before noon and headed towards another highlight: Kyoto.
With an interesting collection of experiences, mosquitoe bites, and sunburns.