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3 weeks in Japan...
la riketejo
© 2006 Éric Languillat

Nikko is one of the major tourist attractions in Japan, for both locals and foreigners (Japanese seem to travel a lot within Japan, they are not all visiting Paris you know...).
And guess what: it is absolutely gorgeous! The city is pretty small in size, but the sights are fantastic.
I found a small youth hostel for the night, and visited the next morning (no choice: you have to get up at 7:00!!).

And then you walk back to the train station with your backpack, thinking that it was definetly a very good idea to go to Japan...
This cool guy did not speak very good english, but he was very nice and I like his hat very much. He was traveling around with his bike, although he took the train to leave Nikko.


And then it was about time to meet my first japanese esperantists... It was on a sunny WE in Nagoya, and I had been in Japan for a week already.