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3 weeks in Japan...
la riketejo
© 2006 Éric Languillat

Nagoya est la 4ème plus grande ville du Japon. Pas la plus touristique, mais il y a quand même un certain nombre de choses intéressantes à y voir. But I did not see them because I felt like walking around and relax was more appropriate after Tokyo and Nikko.

Oh but I forgot, I did not take the direct way from Nikko to Nagoya, because it was still early when I left Nikko, and as I did not have to pay for the trains (the 3 week pass was expensive enough!) I went to Nagano first, spent 12 minutes in the train station, found my connexion without any problem (not because I'm a genius, but because it is very well indicated). And all I can say is that the whole journey was extremely pleasant. And they also sell good sushis in the shinkansen. Oh yes!

Pro tio mi alvenis iomete malfrue en Nagoya, kaj mi tiam malsekigxis pro suficxe forta pluvo. Sed jam mi renkontigxis kun gesinjoroj Yamada. Cxe la fratino ni bonege ekstere mangxis...
Mi DEVIS kaj sxatis provi CXION!

... kaj poste mi travivis mian unuan teo-ceremonion!

Do, entute tiu unua renkonto kun la lokaj esperantistoj estis vere cxarma!

La posta tago mi vizitis la lokan kristanan pregxejon (en kiu mi iomete parolis kun la geknaboj), kaj mi trankvile piediris en Nagoya.
I was a bit surprised to see again such a number of homeless people gathering around the museums (I had seen the same in Tokyo).

I also thought they were quite clever to collect car batteries.

Shopping malls open on sundays is something unusual when you come from Germany. Not less are the toilets...

So, Mr Spock, what button would you dare to press?

It was very warm - as usual - so it was the perfect time to organize a small pop festival under a bridge.

And the perfect time to fall in love with a japanese singer...

Et voilà. Il est temps de dire au revoir à mes hôtes, et de partir pour Takayama.